8 Affiliate Marketing Myths

8 Myths About Affiliate Marketing Everyone Thinks Are True

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8 Affiiliate marketing myths

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What is Affiliate Marketing and is it still Viable?

Affiliate Marketing is a method of online marketing which can be used in any niche. It involves the utilisation of a website or online advertising source, to advertise and promote products or services to a targeted audience in the online market.

When researching Affiliate Marketing for the first time you will come across a lot (and I mean thousands!) of posts, reviews and training videos online.

The overload of information and incorrect data can be very off-putting for someone who is just starting out. And with so many scams and false information out there, it can be hard to separate the good from the bad.

It’s important to note that in this modern and sophisticated world that we live in, marketing is something that will never run out of importance. This makes affiliate marketing a very viable industry with tons of growth every year.

In this article, I’m going to address 8 of the more common myths surrounding affiliate marketing, that everyone thinks are true but in fact, are not.

Myth 1. Affiliate Marketing is too Competitive

Many people have the assumption that the affiliate marketing industry is now overcrowded and has too much competition to be successful and make money.

The opposite is actually true!

Affiliate marketing is not entirely about competing directly against your competitors. Instead, you need to focus on your own relevant audience and market your products towards them.

Competition can be good!

Keep in mind that having competition is also a sign of high user demand, which indicates there’s still a lot of money out there to be made.

A report by Emarketer in 2017 predicted that online sales in Australia would reach $32 billion that year and keep growing. This provides publishers and merchants with even more opportunities due to the rapid increase of new technologies.

Using the proper Keyword Research methods is also very important for your success. There are many powerful long-tail keywords which you can target to make you stand out from the crowd.

We are all unique and have our own marketing style. Remember to focus on your own marketing skills, rather than your competition.

Get rich quick

Myth 2. Affiliate Marketing will make you Get Rich Quick

This myth definitely isn’t true!

If you think that affiliate marketing is as simple as opening a website and adding a few links to start making money, then you are greatly mistaken!

It takes time to complete the relevant training and build your presence online, so a lot of patience is required in the beginning.

By following the right training and setting up your business step by step, you should start to see results after a few months.

You won’t get rich straight away and it may be hard at first, but don’t give up!

Statistics show that the majority of affiliate marketers fail within the first few months because they simply give up trying. Remaining focused and determined is the key to long term success.

Myth 3. You Need a lot of Money to get Started

This myth also isn’t true!

There are affiliate programs available which are cheap to start up and may offer a free trial or limited refund period. However, you may not gain access to the program’s full features during the trial period.

Be sure to check the fine print for any extra charges before paying to join.

You should also be aware of any hidden upsells or the cost of hosting which may be added on top, as that can soon become expensive.

The best type of training, which is also more cost-effective is one that has everything included in the upfront price.

Organic traffic from search engines is also free so there is no need to spend a lot of money on paid advertising in the beginning. Proper training in Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) and knowing your target audience will ensure a lot of free traffic to your website over time.

Less Luck More Skill

Myth 4. Affiliate Marketing requires more Luck than Skill

Being a successful affiliate marketer requires having a lot of skills to succeed. You need a clear understanding of how the affiliate industry runs, correct research of SEO and keyword usage for your website.

There is actually very little luck involved because obtaining a good outcome comes as a result of your own hard work.

Affiliates who are earning 6 figure incomes had to start from the very beginning, just like the rest of us. We use the term “they are the lucky ones” very loosely as their high income is the result of good training, many years of hard work and consistency.

Myth 5. You need to join many Affiliate Programs to Succeed

There are no restrictions on how many affiliate programs you can join. However, joining several affiliate programs at once can be mind-boggling and very overwhelming for a beginner, so I strongly advise against it.

Be careful not to get caught up in the  ‘Shiny Object Syndrome” by going after every opportunity that crosses your path.

Focus on one training program at a time.

Find a good, reputable program that teaches you the correct skills. Which is all that’s needed to build your online business.

Once you have mastered the techniques and have traffic to your website, then consider expanding your income channels.

Myth 6. Affiliate Marketing Links aren’t Good for SEO

Google does change it’s algorithms regularly but that doesn’t mean you can’t structure your SEO and build your brand over time.

Affiliate links through major program networks won’t negatively influence your SEO because they aren’t indexed beyond the network. Which means search engines won’t pass any link equity to the receiving page. (This is what boosts a page’s ranking, and helps the page rank higher for relevant search queries).

The entire notion of affiliate marketing will make sense to Google because it offers relevant and related resources to consumers.

Social media advertising

Myth 7. Being popular on Social Media will guarantee Success

Popularity on social media does not guarantee instant success as an affiliate marketer. You may get more visits to your website but that doesn’t mean it is the right audience for your products.

Social media advertising is mostly paid advertising which can also come at a great cost.

Having a large network and following on social media will help to promote your posts however, it isn’t 100% necessary in order to be successful.

Myth 8. Only Professionals with Advanced Business Degrees will be Successful

Affiliate marketing may give the vibe of being a highly professional occupation.

However, it isn’t only for professionals as it’s is primarily about being smart and having the ability to follow the training.

You don’t need to have prior qualifications to get started.

In fact, there are many successful marketers who dropped out of college with no qualifications before they started making money online. Jerry Huang is a great example and he has an inspiring ‘rags to riches’ story.

How do we Find the Right Training?

When it comes to Affiliate Marketing there is no particular stereotype or requirements needed. Anyone who is determined to work hard and understand the training can be successful as an affiliate marketer.

My number 1 recommended platform is Wealthy Affiliate which is an all-in-one internet marketing training program.

I am a current member and I highly recommend this program because they have everything that you need to fully understand the industry, with no hidden costs. You will learn how to build a website and how to write quality content, including the correct way to add your affiliate links in a way that is recognised and accepted by search engines. You will also learn the correct SEO strategies to promote your website online.


Affiliate marketing join here

This is how Wealthy Affiliate busts all of the above myths:

1. Affiliate Marketing is too Competitive
Wealthy Affiliate teaches you how to focus on your own marketing skills, rather than your competition.

2. Affiliate Marketing will make you Get Rich Quick
Wealthy Affiliate provides the right training over time, giving you the required skills to earn money online and be successful.

3. You Need a lot of Money to get Started
Wealthy Affiliate offers you a free membership giving you a no obligation free trial of the program first.

4. Affiliate Marketing requires more Luck than Skill
Wealthy Affiliate teaches you the correct research of SEO and keyword usage for your website. These skills are necessary to ensure long term success.

5. You need to join many Affiliate Programs to Succeed
Wealthy Affiliate has an all-in-one program which provides all the training, hosting and support needed. It is not necessary to source anything elsewhere.

6. Affiliate Marketing Links aren’t Good for SEO
Wealthy Affiliate teaches you techniques to structure your SEO and build your brand over time.

7. Being popular on Social Media will guarantee Success
Wealthy Affiliate provides training on social media advertising, both free and paid and the importance of networking.

8. Only Professionals with Advanced Business Degrees will be Successful
The training at Wealthy Affiliate is simplistic and easy to understand. Making it suitable for both beginners and advanced members who have a passion to succeed. 

If you are following a great system like Wealthy Affiliate, a program which has helped thousands of members to find success in affiliate marketing, you will never fail.

My Final Thoughts

Did you believe any of these myths before reading this article? I hope I have helped you to realise that becoming an affiliate marketer is not as difficult as you might have once thought.
Would you consider starting your own affiliate marketing business now that you know fact from fiction? I’d love to hear your thoughts about this and please feel free to comment or ask any questions in the comment section below.

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54 thoughts on “8 Myths About Affiliate Marketing Everyone Thinks Are True

  1. I feel like this article describes the issues I had and am having with affiliate marketing 🙂

    Sadly I have succumbed to the myth #2 once again. I tend to give up after a couple of months of not making any profit and feeling overwhelmed by the laws in my country is not helping either. I feel like internet is not considered a viable place of business in my country. But I feel like Your article made me want to try again and maybe write one more article on my own webpage 😀

    1. Sorry to hear you’re having issues in your country, unfortunately I can’t really offer any advice without more details?
      But please don’t give up, as there is always a way to make something work. Could you have a dot com website that targets people overseas instead?

  2. First off, fantastic site! I’ve been browsing for a bit and I just had to stop and comment on this one. You’re so on point with these common myths about affiliate marketing. I know I believed every single one of these things before I got started with Wealthy Affiliate. AND~! I was so happy to see that you brought it home with how Wealthy Affiliate addresses each of these things, as it truly is a wonderful place to learn everything about this line of business. Wish you much success!

  3. This is amazing Helen!! Thanks so much for sharing it

    Those myths are so easy to believe especially when starting out. I particularly struggled with the competition myth at the start. I kept on thinking I’d really love to do this but there’s already so and so that does it…
    In fact, like you say this was a good thing, but it made me waste a lot of time not starting!

    Looking forward to what comes next!


  4. I thought all those myths were facts when I first started affiliate marketing, so I am glad you are putting them to rest!

    I found the whole “signing up for every social media channel” thing to be way too much work, and divided my time far too much. I ditched all of them except for Facebook and I use Pinterest for free traffic and my life is much easier.

    Initially I was only signed up for one affiliate product to promote, and I did well with it in the beginning. Then I started adding more and it became so tedious to write post after post about all of these products. Now I only promote the products that have helped me with my success, because I really believe in them. This has been a huge time saver!

    Great post!

    1. I agree about having too much social media, it can be very tedious posting to different platforms all the time.
      It’s definitely best to choose one niche and 1 or 2 social media platforms and become an authority within that. The results are always better.
      Thanks for reading and commenting.

  5. Thank you Helen for your awesome post about affiliate marketing.
    The most part of the affiliate marketing journey is to find that one mentor who can lead you and guide you to success.
    Nothing is impossible and affiliate marketing is the best option to make money online.
    Literally everyone is looking for a place and a community to learn how to make money promoting affiliate products.
    We all need that extra income to pay bills and expenses.
    Great post!

    1. You are completely right about focusing on one niche. If you do that and become authoritative in your chosen niche, you will reap the rewards.
      Good luck with your journey and thanks for stopping by.

  6. Great article! I especially like the quote “The entire notion of affiliate marketing will make sense to Google because it offers relevant resources to its consumers”.
    I have just started to use affiliate links on my website. I feel that it’s helpful as for some of my affiliates, I can use the product images which offer a visual display of what I’m talking about as well as provide an opportunity for my readers to purchase great products.
    I thought that maybe Google would rank me lower because I used so many but reading this quote has made me re-think this.
    Putting the links in my article is helping my reader connect them to what I’m talking about and purchase things that they actually want so I hope it works out that way 🙂

    Thanks for this article and your entire website. It is helping me get a better understanding of how affiliate marketing works.

    1. Being visual in your posts is a great way to highlight the product you are promoting.
      Google won’t like too many affiliate links or keyword stuffing in the post. But it sounds like you are doing everything the right way.
      Good luck 🙂

  7. In regards to being in many affiliate programs, I have found that the best affiliate marketers and super affiliates only promote one or two programs at most.

    Pat Flynn of smart passive income is an affiliate for both Bluehost and Convertkit and seems to make the majority of his affiliate income from just those two programs.

    1. Personally, I would find it hard to promote too many programs at once and have multiple websites. I would need to outsource some of the work!
      Thanks for commenting and sharing that info.

  8. Hi Helen,
    I definitely believed in the myths you have listed. I went through a bad experience and as a beginner, it set me off from trying again; but I believe I have found a better teacher(s) within WA and wish everybody would find a program like that. And I look forward to busting these MYTHS!

    Thank you for the great article! Keep on!!

    1. I come across a lot of other Wealthy Affiliate members who have had a bad experience before joining WA. It’s sad to think that there are so many greedy people out there who take advantage of someone’s vulnerability on the internet. Thankfully, as you and I both know, WA is far from being like that.
      All the best with your training and online business.

  9. Well written article. I like that it stresses the importance of proper training. One suggestion: the first time you use an acronym like SEO in an article, it’s a good idea to write the name out fully. “Search Engine Optimization (SEO) “ from then on you can just use the acronym.

    Good work
    Good luck

  10. I was just doing a search for affiliate marketing myths for a friend of mine. Thank you Helen for listing these myths. I can definitely say that I believed some of them before I actually got into affiliate marketing six years ago. Why did I believe some of these?

    Basically because I was getting scammed by a couple of MLM companies that “claimed” to have an affiliate program. This left a bad taste in my mouth for anything having to do with affiliate marketing. But something told me to keep trying.

    I eventually found some solid truthful training and finally have seen the light. Now all of those myths are in my rear view mirror because I am living the proof. I am going to share this post with a friend who wants to get into affiliate marketing. This Wealthy Affiliate you speak of sounds like a great place for him!

    1. Thanks for commenting on my article. I’m sorry to hear about your bad experiences in the past. Unfortunately, there are so many scammers around just trying to make a quick dollar and so many people get sucked into their false claims.
      I’m really glad you have seen through all the BS and I’m grateful for you to pass on the Wealthy Affiliate referral to your friend. All the best.

  11. I’m glad that I have found your post. Those affiliate marketing myths tend to get into the mind of a person. I’m guilty of thinking wrongly about affiliate marketing as well. I used to think that affiliate marketing is a get rich quick scheme. That was one of the reasons why I decided to join in the first place. There are too many affiliate marketing gurus out there. All of them tend to spread wrong info causing people to develop wrong beliefs about affiliate marketing.

    However, after reading your encouraging post, I can see things much differently now. Thanks for sharing!

    1. Yes, there are so many scams out there that give affiliate marketing a bad name with their false claims. I’m glad to hear that you have seen through the false information and that my post helped to clarify what’s right and wrong.

  12. Hello Helen,
    Really like your perspective on competition. Focusing on your audience rather than your competition is a great approach and very true. I also agree that social popularity does not equate affiliate success. Your points here are excellent. If it weren’t for finding post like yours, I would still be left in the dark and too afraid to start affiliate marketing. I hope the rest of your readers see the value in this opportunity.

    1. I’m glad you agree with the important points in my post. Anyone can have a go at affiliate marketing and not be put off by the competition or popularity of others. Thanks for reading and commenting.

  13. Hello Helen
    Great post, easy to read and very understandable.
    I didn’t know anything about Affiliate Marketing until recently. And I thought the same way, but you have explained and pointed out the biggest myths.
    I was reading articles on Pinterest which claimed how fast (in 6 weeks or in 2 months and etc) you can be rich and I believed in this.
    Not anymore! This sounds like a big and constant job and I agree with you in every point you mentioned.

    1. Great to hear you are interested in affiliate marketing and have done your research, which is very important!
      Yes, it does require hard work and dedication. But as with most things in life, the more you put in the better the rewards.
      Thanks for reading and commenting and I wish you all the best with your online business.

  14. So many great points for people looking to get into Affiliate Marketing! Its great to see some of common concerns addressed. I definately feel more at ease starting out in affiliate marketing after reading.

    1. Thanks for stopping by, you should definitely give affiliate marketing a try if it’s something you are interested in. There’s nothing to lose!

  15. Hi Helen,

    What an awesome website you have here!
    There is so much to learn and grow in this business, so thanks for clarifying these myths. I have just started affiliate marketing and I am learning so much!

    Thank you so much for all this information!

    1. Thanks for commenting and for your kind words, I’m glad you like my website and the article.
      Keep reading and learning as much as you can and your business will soon grow and become successful.
      All the best.

  16. Hi there, I love the name of your site, so encouraging in and of itself. This post is definitely a must-read for anyone interested in affiliate marketing as there is a lot of information out there that’s not true. I think #2 is one that people often seem to believe as they tend to forget about the process and jump to the results. Thank you for sharing 🙂

    1. Thanks for reading and leaving a comment.
      You are so right, people do tend to rush in and become impatient as they want results straight away.
      I think that’s why affiliate marketing is best started as a second job or to supplement one’s income.
      It will grow over time and with the right level of commitment and dedication, it can easily become a full-time income stream.

  17. Yes, many people think Affiliate Marketing has too much competition and the market has been already saturated but in reality, there is always a space for newbies even in the old and established affiliate programs. I completely agree with every point you have mentioned in this article.

    1. Thanks for your comment. There is definitely room for everyone in the affiliate marketing world. It’s an exciting, growing industry to be a part of.

  18. The article is great, informative and straight to the point.
    The first thing I thought when visiting your website was that the page is nicely set up and it’s clear that you have an eye for design.
    I can’t wait to read the rest of your links.
    It’s always nice when people help each other with making money online too.

  19. Great article Helen.
    If you are getting into any business there should be some research done prior to starting the actual project.
    As you will know, what is expected in terms of the skills or the type of resources needed to complete the project.
    Instead of diving into the task without knowledge of what is needed is careless.
    Why waste your finances and time if you have not done some homework prior to starting out a business.

    1. You are exactly right and it is very important to do proper research before starting any type of business.
      There are always plenty of reviews and referrals online.

  20. Great article Helen, loved reading it!.

    I find it strange when people enter anything, particularly affiliate marketing related (or finance in any way) a “competitive” mindset is one that comes from limitation (i.e fighting for a limited resource). There is more than enough for everyone in everything, be it money, water, the affiliate marketing space.

    It is how nature works. Nature makes two blades of grass grow where there used to be one.

    When it comes down to affiliate links and affiliate marketing there it is a myth that an affiliate has to use affiliate links on their site – we can collect emails and then use the links in email campagins. Also we can use non-indexed sales pages (that have affiliate links) to direct our traffic there. So *IF* google ever had an issue with affiliate links it is completely irrelevant…

    1. Thanks for reading and leaving a comment.
      You are right, there are also other ways to use affiliate links such as email or unindexed pages.
      This is an industry that will be around for the long haul.

  21. Wow, good job you pointed them all out. Before I entered the affiliate marketing world, these thoughts were exactly what I was thinking. But taking the time to understand better what it is about and unfortunately, by having bad experiences, I finally can say that these thoughts are definitely myths. I can say that because I also found Wealthy Affiliate and I’m more than happy that I did. Best decision of my life. I hope many people will read your post and see the reality and keep their mind opened.
    Thank you for sharing this!

  22. I had a ‘Naturopathic Wellness Clinic’ website created by a recommended company more than 15 years ago costing $6000 (NZ) dollars and $169 dollars monthly. It failed me and my business…
    Since that time I’ve never stopped learning about: affiliate marketing and its myths, SEO (search engine optimization), key word research, and the potential of learning how to create my own website from the beginning.
    Too much competition? – NO The Emarketer 2017 shows growth is currently at $32 billion (AU) and growing not just in Australia, but globally.
    I found the WA platform, the one you recommend. And trialed it for FREE. Then when I found out that the key word tool, was part of the premium membership I joined. For me, this has been, and still is, a step by step complete learning platform, which is giving me the hands-on dream of my own website again.

    1. Wow, that was a lot of money to spend on a website and hosting!
      Affiliate marketing is definitely a growing industry with no signs of stopping any time soon.
      It’s lucky that you found Wealthy Affiliate when you did so you are no longer wasting your money. I wish you all the best with your online business.

  23. Thank you for pointing out the myths about affiliate marketing. I had been blogging for a while before finding WA and can vouch for it being a very supportive community with excellent training.
    You are right in that those who fail are the ones who quit.
    You’re also spot on with it being a business you can start with very little money.
    As someone who has to stick to a tight budget I’ve set up my first dotcom blog and ecommerce store, and able to afford the excellent value WA premium has to offer 🙂

  24. I really enjoyed reading your post about 8 affiliate marketing myths.
    I must admit that I did believe some of them at first, but it’s good to know that all of them are just myths and not true.

    I like your suggestion at the end to join wealthy affiliate for the training. It sounds like they cover everything that’s needed to succeed. I haven’t heard of them until now so I’m going to check out the free membership.

    I think your website is really great and I’ve bookmarked it as you have a lot of useful articles and content.


    1. Thanks for stopping by and reading my article. I’m glad you have realised now that many of the myths are not true and that affiliate marketing is easier to get into that most people think.
      I’m happy you liked my website content too, please come back again 🙂

  25. Helen,

    I did a few MLM programs in the past and just a little over a year ago was introduced to affiliate marketing. The one that I was first introduced to really took me for a loop and I spent WAY more money than I had initially anticipated and the program then was closed down by the FTC as a pyramid scheme!

    It left a really bad taste for the industry, however, I pursued some others and still was left feeling that it was too difficult an industry to get into if I didn’t have advanced training in business or a lot of money to start out with. I thought you had to be tech a savvy, have an IT degree to build a website, etc.

    I was ready to call it quits when I was fortunate enough to run across Wealthy Affiliate. It showed me that I don’t have to be a genius to create a decent looking website, in time and with patience it will improve (and does – to fit each individual’s own unique personality)
    It helped me to comprehend much better than any other program I had tried in the past, SEO, and finding the right keywords for my niche.

    I am so grateful to Wealthy Affiliate and what it has taught and provided me and would recommend this program to any beginners and experienced marketers searching for something to boost their lifestyle and their confidence in their niche!

    1. Sorry to hear of your previous negative experiences with affiliate marketing. I’m glad to hear that you found Wealthy Affiliate and feeling a lot happier since. I hope your online business is thriving 🙂

  26. Thank you for posting this. I have been thinking about affiliate marketing but haven’t been confident enough to start.
    You have busted most of the myths that have kept me out for so long. I’m beginning to learn everything I can on affiliate marketing and the only regret is that I didn’t start earlier.
    Granted there are so many schemes that are get-rich-quick schemes, its great to find a place to start with the right information.
    I heard someone say that information is power but access to information is the real power.
    Thank you for the post.

  27. Hi Helen,

    Great post! Yes there are so many affiliate marketing myths out there. I have been an affiliate marketer for around 4 years now and it does have its ups and downs as you state but overall the rewards far outweigh the odd downer here and there.

    Your first point affiliate marketing is too competitive is something I though may be true a few years back but now I know how wrong I was. The internet is basically where people live these days so the potential is really unlimited.

    That was born home to me recently when Tony Robbins was talking about his market. he said if he had 5 million people in his area of influence that would still leave 7 or 8 billion people who are not. The world really is our oyster 🙂

    Thanks again for a great post. Look forward to many more,

    PS I am in Coolangatta, Australia and love wealthy Affiliate 🙂


    1. Hi Kevin,

      Thanks for reading and commenting. It’s always nice to chat with a fellow Aussie! Coolangatta is a great part of the GC 🙂
      I agree with you, the world really is our oyster when it comes to affiliate marketing. It’s just going to get bigger and better as the internet grows.
      All the best for your business.

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